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Haunted By Silhouettes New Album Last Day On Earth

Available now, Haunted By Silhouettes' new album "The Last Day On Earth."

When one thinks of Norwegian metal there's a good chance thoughts immediately go to grim, crushing black metal. Straight forward, to the point, with not a ton of frills packed in. So when I tell you Haunted By Silhouettes hails from the frozen tundra of Norway, don't mistake, these guys ooze talent and cannot be pigeon holed into one genre or another. Don't get me wrong, I love some "trve" and "necro" black metal as much as the next guy, but most of the time I yearn for a bit more.

Enter their newest release, "The Last Day On Earth", an album that is laden with different musical styles. Aggression? Got it. Melody? Got it. Atmosphere? Got that too. No matter if you're a fan of blackened death metal, melo-death, groove metal, it's all there. Never redundant, and not copied and pasted from some other metal band. Packaged neatly for just about every discerning metal head.

Talent aside, one of the best parts of this album is that no song is exactly the same. There is no blast beat weariness, or disappointment when one song ends, the other begins and you think "this sounds almost exactly the same as the last song." There is enough to keep someone with a short attention span interested for the duration.

Vocally, you get the death growls, but also clean male and female vocals. I'm ridiculously picky when it comes to clean vocals in metal. For me, it must sound melodic, but still extreme....heart felt. This covers my check list well.

Instrumentally, it's all on point. Drums, guitar, and bass all stand out in their own right, but mesh together so well. Heavy, but easy to hear each individual part. Melodic and powerful. Hell, they have an organ and orchestral parts. All covered for your listening pleasure.

Let's hope this HBS album is the soundtrack on the last day on earth. If so, I will certainly go out smiling.

Check out the video for the single "JAKTA" and go support HBS, you won't be disappointed when they become one of your new favorites.


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