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Messora- "The Door" New Albums

One of Montreal’s hardest to classify metal bands, MESSORA, has wrapped up production on their debut album and is ready for their listeners to succumb to the shifting and numinous music within. “The Door” is being released on October 4, 2019. MESSORA crosses boundaries and is ultimately for anyone who likes technical, well-crafted metal, especially those who enjoy Opeth, Children of Bodom, and Lamb of God. Their debut album “The Door” is comprised of seven challenging tracks that shift between many styles of metal, most noticeably death and progressive with hints of doom among the melodic riffs. The title track is the first single and is the reason this originally intended one-man project blossomed into a full band that has been bringing it’s malevolent and theatrical performance to stages throughout the local scene. Having played live many times, MESSORA expects this release to be taken well by fans, as they quote: “We think that many people who became fans after seeing us live will be thrilled just by the fact that we’re finally presenting them with a record. I think that anyone who considers themselves a fan of ours only does so because of our live show. It’s a record that is kind of progressive but also kind of straight forward and we hope that it will appeal to those who are into progressive music and those who aren’t at all.”

Messora is not a band, but rather the moniker under which guitarist/vocalist Zach Dean creates music. Messora exists as a live band with a usually stable cast of musicians, but the entire creative process is taken care of by Zach.

Messora- "The Door" Single

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