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Darkthrone Releases First Single From Upcoming Album

Trve Black Metal legends Darkthrone have released the first single from their new album "Old Star" which is set to be released through Peaceville Records May 31st of this year.

Fenriz stated on this song released "As you may know we have a new album coming out (I am not on social media at all anymore so I don't know what you've seen or heard so far) and Ted said that this time our fans will hear a new song first. So guys here it is - our new track, “The Hardship Of The Scots” and since Ted and me always write our own songs, one song could not fully represent Old Star, but let’s start with this one. Normally the journalists and other scenesters get to check out new albums 2-3-4 months before fans get to hear it, but not this time .. you are first!"

The song entitled "The Hardship Of The Scots" harkens back to the old school and gives a Celtic Frost style that any metal head will appreciate.

Give it a listen below and let us know what you think.

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