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Vikings Season 6 Release Date, And More

Season 6 of the hit History Channel show Vikings has been confirmed by the creators. As a blow to die-hard fans, it will be the last season of the show, so when will the grand finale be released to the masses? Let's find out.

History exec Eli Lehrer said about the show "Vikings has creatively sailed to monumental lengths. The series has evolved from early raids in England, to the heart-stopping death of Ragnar Lothbrok, to the fierce battles of the Great Heathen Army, and now we'll see the sons of Ragnar exploring and conquering the known world. Michael Hirst (Vikings Creator) has only scratched the surface of his epic saga. We look forward to continuing our partnership with one of the greatest writers in this era of Peak TV and entertaining our viewers with 40 new episodes over the next two seasons."

Production for season 6 has already commenced with 20 episodes being slated, and will be split into two. The show, which is being filmed in County Wicklow Ireland, will be available not only on History Channel in Autumn 2019, but also a day later on Amazon Prime. Previous year's season launched on November 29th in 2017, took a break, and then wrapped up November 28th, 2018, so that should be a clue to keep your eyes peeled towards the end of November, just in time to dress up like your favorite Vikings character for Halloween. Don't forget to buy an authentic Viking Drinking Horn and other gear from our store (sorry, shameless plug).


So what is coming up in season 6. Not much has been confirmed, however, it appears that there will be quite a number of changes and conquests. Michael Hirst, writer/creator, said this “The vikings are going ever outwards as raiders and traders.” He went on to say, “I’m writing season six now and they’re in the Silk Road. They’re trading with the Russians, going to China, they’re all around the Mediterranean. And it’s actually what happened.”

Rumor has it that Ragnar Lothbrok will return briefly (even though he's dead by this point in the series). It also is said that Bjorn will fall and King Harald will rise to power. As previous episodes have proven Vikings is loosely based on actual history and tends to take a bit of creative license, which makes it hard to say what direction they will take. Will they go the historically accurate version, or twist it? We shall have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming season and series as a whole? Let us know in the comments.



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