Into Orbit Release New Material From Upcoming Album "Kinesis"

Greetings, Abyss! New Zealand duo Paul Stewart (guitars) and Ian Moir (drums), better known as Into Orbit, are poised to release Kinesis, their 2nd full length and third recording in 5 years on May 1st. The first two singles, Shifter and Horus, are up on Into Orbit's Bandcamp page right now and to say that I'm hooked is something of an understatement. It's not often that a band can check off so many of the boxes for me musically, but IO have consistently done it. Engaging instrumentals that don't leave you longing for vocals? Check. Balance between somber and uplifting themes? Check. Strong evidence of thoughtful composition and not just mindless noodling? BIG Check. Into Orbit more than succeed at building and releasing tension, while simultaneously creating a progressive auditory narrative that rewards repeat, fully engaged listens. Shifter fades in on a single, elongated note that is overcome by a thrash inspired riff before being joined by measure after measure of complimentary leads. As the riffs evolve, and the track moves through a somber middle passage, more leads, like different voices, serve to propel the music forward. Nothing feels unexplored here, and perhaps more importantly, nothing feels redundant either. A fuzzed-out, Master of Reality-era Sabbath riff closes the track in dramatic, head-bobbing fashion. Hours after last listening to this song that riff will be percolating in my misshapen, rapidly balding head. Horus is a dark, dare I say "grungey" song, complete with a wickedly distorted lead guitar tone that Billy Corgan wouldn't kick out of bed. Again, the main riffs and Moir's absolute pounding of cymbal and skin move this track along like a freight train through flyover country. There's more than a touch of post-rock and shoegaze here which, again, is very much in my wheelhouse. Horus, then, is seven and a half minutes of thundering disquiet and a profound way to close an album. And there we are. By all accounts Into Orbit are about ready to drop an album very much worthy of its 2017 predecessor, Unearthing, and a record that somehow manages to employ only two instruments to create a genuinely massive sound. Our thanks to long-time friend to Metal Abyss, Ian Moir, for giving us the heads up that this was coming down the pike as Kinesis will be on heavy rotation here at MA HQ come May 1st. One more thing and then I promise to leave you alone. As a very small, two-man operation, often the best way to get our attention is to drop us a PM on our Facebook page. We respond, rather promptly most times, and are more than happy to shine a light on music that moves us. To you up and coming metal acts out there, this kind of leg work will pay dividends in exposing your sound to a wider audience. Our readership, like other independent music blogs, may be small but they are knowledgeable and fiercely loyal. If you've got something that you want some devoted metal heads to hear, we want to hear from you. Rage on! JPR


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