Unearth- "One With The Sun" New Single

Greetings, Abyss! Fans of Massachusetts metalcore icons Unearth have been given single after tasty single in recent weeks, leading up to their new full-length, 'Extinction,' out November 23 on Century Media. The single for One With the Sun just dropped this past week and my goodness, what a prime cut of proper metal this is. Long time followers of Unearth were deeply divided over their 2014 release, Watchers of Rule, as the band completely abandoned their melodic sensibilities in favor of a full-frontal assault. Though the album brought Unearth as close as they'd ever been to death metal, it's fair to say that the sound they'd built their career on- that equilibrium between the brutal and the engaging- had been noticeably skewed. From what we've heard of Extinction thus far, there is once again balance in the force. Drumming phenom Nick Pierce returns to bang skin and cymbal on his 2nd Unearth record and for a band that's struggled to find a steady time keeper since Mike Justian's departure over a decade ago, it would seem that Unearth has finally found their man. Buz McGrath and Ken Susi's modern take of the Tipton/Downing dual-lead guitar dynamic is still one of the greatest shows in all of metal, and Trevor Phipps, who traded his remarkably broad vocal range for a bag of glass on Watchers of Rule, returns with a full-spectrum of screams and growls here. When full reviews of Extinction drop this week, you're going to be reading lots of "return to form" and "classic Unearth" commentary. Those writers won't be wrong. So give One With the Sun a spin and hit us up in the comments with your thoughts. Dig metalcore and want us to give them more coverage here? Hate it and really wish we'd switch to an easy listening format? We'd love to hear from you. Rage on! JPR

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