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Need some weird in your life? The correct answer is yes, so if you find yourself in the south-eastern part of the U.S. between 10/2 and 10/14 (and a random Cincinnati, Ohio date on 9/29), check out the brutally deranged Syanpse Defect on their Kill with Kindness tour. Our friends over at Mind Eraser Promotions shared their uber-rad tour poster with us, as well as some mostly coherent musings from the band on their upcoming tour:

"To all our stupidly brutal bosses as well as the other 99.9% of society who might want to see something different for once in their damn life, we will be hitting the road once again this October of 2018 on our "Kill with Kindness" tour. General stage shenanigans, possible nudity and drumstick sawdust are guaranteed! You will not believe or understand what you are seeing! Is it stupid people doing smart stuff? Or smart people doing stupid stuff? You be the judge! There will also be free autographs, motivational counseling and broken pieces of music equipment available. Please bring edibles and dabs for the band if you want the music to sound any good."

You can catch Synapse Defect on the road starting in Cincy on September 29th. As an aside, our one, true focus here at Metal Abyss is to support underground metal (I mean, the editor put it on the t-shirts, so it's official). The best way we can support the music that we love is to, you know... pay for it. So drag your booty on down to a club near you and go rage with some like-minded people. We'd love to hear what shows you've been to recently and who brings the goods live. Hit us up in the comments section with any upcoming shows you think we should know about.

Rage on!


Synapse Defect Kill With Kindness Tour Dates:

September 29th Cincinnati, Ohio

October 2nd Little Rock, Arkansas

October 3rd Dallas, Texas

October 5th Austin, Texas

October 6th Corpus Christi, Texas

October 7th Houston, Texas

October 10th Tallahassee, Florida

October 12th Miami, Florida

October 13th Orlando, Florida

October 14th Atlanta, Georgia

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