Soulfly- "Ritual" New Video

As if you needed more reason to love the state of metal in 2018, Soulfly is a little over a month away from delivering their 11th studio album, Ritual, on Nuclear Blast Records. If Max Cavalera's best post-Sepultura band fell off of your radar in the past couple of years, it's time to be on the lookout for an inbound thrash/groove ICBM, because Soulfly is like a fat dictator with launch codes and a grudge . The first two songs to be released, Evil Empowered and the title track, are just raging ear candy to the Soulfly faithful and are reason enough to trust that Ritual will be a return to the band's roots. Other than the new Jungle Rot they are the best thrash-based metal I've heard this year. So have a look/listen at the official video for 'Ritual.' All of those nifty links for pre-ordering the album can be found in the video description. And as always, hit us up in the comments section with your thoughts. Unlike your ex we'd actually like to hear from you. Rage on! JPR

Soulfly- "Ritual" New Song

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