Full Frontal Friday, Exocrine- "Molten Giant"

It's finally Friday, Abyss! After another week of trading time you'll never get back for money that's spent before it's in your bank account, it's time to look forward to two days all to yourself (or two days of getting caught up on laundry, several hours of yard work, and ferrying your sprouts to bandsocceryouthgroupgrandmashousecamp). Yippee! We here at Metal Abyss feel your pain, and want to make your weekend just a bit more metal and enjoyable. To that end, every Friday we share with you an official album stream of a record that really stood out to us during the week. We call it Full-Frontal Friday, but we promise that it does not involve the editor getting naked. (Editor's Note: I make no promises) I mentioned earlier in the week that we had something pretty freakin' epic on tap for this week's pick and the more I listen to Exocrine's Molten Giant, the more impressed I am with it. Out now on Unique Leader Records, the French band's third LP in four years (and first on Unique Leader), is an album of extreme balances. Though Exocrine bills themselves as a progressive death metal band, what's on display on Molten Giant is a striking balance between the brutal and the technical. If you've got Necrophagist and Gorod CDs sitting next to Cattle Decap and Skinless albums in your collection, Molten Giant is right up your freakish little alley. We want you to do the reviewing for yourselves on Friday (no one knows you better than you, right?) so pop on over to Bandcamp and give Exocrine's Molten Giant a listen. Did we knock it out of the park this week or did I build this up for nothing? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know. Also, if you have nudes of the editor, be sure to blast that all over the place. He says we need more exposure- let's see how serious he is about it. Rage on! JPR

Exocrine- "Backdraft" Song

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