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Xaemora- "Pandemonium's Ocean" New, Raw Black Metal

I'm a black metal snob, there is no doubt. I know what I like and what I don't, so when I get submissions from black metal bands I get a tad nervous as to what may be awaiting my heavy metal saturated ear holes. Not so long ago I received an email from St. Louis, MO's Xaemora, who describe themselves as, "melancholic brand of black metal, full of melodic, atmospheric, and symphonic elements influenced by some of the greats such as Emperor, Dissection, Dark Funeral, and 1349". Consider my curiosity piqued.

The band released their, in my opinion, masterful and superb album "Pandemonium's Ocean" in the fall of 2017. This album did not disappoint my snooty BM sensibilities, in fact, I was quite excited upon listening to this release, not once, twice, but thrice....and probably several more until they drop their new album, slated for 2019. Advanced copy please!!

The band formed in 2012 and has released two EP's, "Kingdom Venom I" (2014), and "Kingdom Venom II" (2016), "Pandemonium's Ocean" is the first of hopefully many more full-length albums from this talented group. Xaemora may have been a top notch band that was flying under my radar for several years, but they are not amateurs by any stretch of the imagination. The band has supported such industry heavy weights as Morbid Angel, Goatwhore, UADA, Absu, Abigail Williams, Black Anvil, and Havok. They also have performed on the main stage of the Full Terror Assault Open Air.

You can grab a copy of "Pandemonium's Ocean" over at Xaemora's Bandcamp page and throw some support their way. It's kind of what we do around here at the Abyss.

Xaemora- "Pandemonium's Ocean" Song

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