Inferi - Releases Instrumental Revenant Along With Tab Book

It might be Labor Day here in the states, but I'm still slaving away at my non-existent desk at Metal Abyss HQ, sorting through gobs of new metal in the hopes of finding something worth sharing. Lots of older stuff is on shuffle at the moment, and a super fresh Full-Frontal Friday pick is locked and loaded and ready for the best day of the week, but it wasn't until I checked my e-mail that I found exactly what I was looking for. Inferi's 'Revenant,' the fourth LP from the Nashville, TN quintet, has not so quietly been a favorite of many death metal fans since its release in April of this year on The Artisan Era. An astounding and balanced mix of the technical and the melodic, Revenant is essentially a showpiece for what the genre is capable of producing. Now Inferi has decided to gift us with not only an instrumental version of the album, but with a 260 page tablature book as well. Though some albums, even some great ones, don't stand up under the scrutiny of the instrumental treatment, this version of Revenant allows the listener to gain a fuller appreciation for the skill with which the songs were constructed. The tab book is up for pre-order over on Inferi's Bandcamp page. Though they don't ship until early October, if you order now you get a free download of the instrumental version of Revenant. Rad! All of the requisite links can be found on the official video for the album, which you can find here. See, we're all about making this Labor Day as hassle-free and metallic for you as possible. Rage on! JPR

Inferi- "Revenant" Instrumental Album Stream

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