Full Frontal Friday, Parius- "The Eldritch Realm"

Happy Friday, Abyss!

A totally random encounter with Parius' new LP, The Eldritch Realm, while looking for new jams on my laughably-short vacation has yielded this week's Full-Frontal Friday pick. With campy horror films as a jumping off point, Philadelphia's Parius have crafted an innovative and twisted death metal score that begs for repeat listens. From deft time changes to crazy catchy riffs to Rod Serling's chain smoking narration, The Eldritch Realm is a dark, fun concept album that I literally can not get enough of.

And at $9 shipped for a physical copy, there's almost no reason not to own this. Give the whole album a listen for yourself over on Parius' Bandcamp page and see what the band's up to on Facebook. And as always, feel free to let us know what you think in the comments section.

Just don't expect me to look if you post one of those screamer videos. They give me nightmares.

Rage on!


Parius- "The Eldritch Realm" Full Album

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