Pyrexia- Unholy Requiem New Video Release

We are one month away from the release of Pyrexia's 9th studio album, Unholy Requiem, and the band just dropped a doomy little video for the title track that you can see here. Fast, hyper-aggressive and with just enough groove to embed that main riff directly into my slacker brain, provided the rest of the album follows in this same vein I'm very much on-board the Pyrexia train. Already made up your mind to buy? Pre-order bundles can be had via Unique Leader Records. Care to mix it up with a couple hundred of your favorite metal brothers and sisters? Pyrexia will be hitting the road in North America with Decrepit Birth starting in October. Drop by their Facebook page for all of the Bloodletting North America XII tour dates. Until then, give this video a playthrough or three and let us know in the comments section what you think. Rage on! JPR

Pyrexia - "Unholy Requiem" New Video

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