Exocrine- "Molten Giant" New Album Out Now

I have weaknesses. Some of them involve empty calories and are neither good for my arteries or my waistline. Others make me bang my head in agreeable ways and are very good at making my wallet lighter. And in a year that has seen an extraordinary number of stand-out technical death metal records (Alterbeast, Karpathian Relict, Inferi, Burial in the Sky, Sun Speaker, Augury, Rivers of Nihil, et. al.), the bill fold in my back pocket exists in name only. And wouldn't you know it, the good folks over at Unique Leader Records want to separate even more of my money from me with 'Molten Giant,' the new album from France's Exocrine. Just released, Exocrine's 3rd LP, and first on Unique Leader, promises to meld technical ecstasy with instantly recognizable riffs and enough melody to break up the cranial pounding. That is almost exactly the recipe that I listen for when tracking down new tech death to share with you all. Exocrine is delivering the goods, and I'm a happy listener. But as I often point out, taking my word for it is a terrible life choice on your part. Shamelessly lifted from the band's Facebook page, Exocrine have this to say about their forthcoming 3rd LP: " 'Molten Giant' is a wink at Kaiju movies. This concept album about a nuclear war between a gigantic lava monster and some surviving human beings is EXOCRINE music at its finest with a hell of production!" Dope... DOPE, I say! Check out the brand new video for the track "Backdraft" to get a sweet taste of that nasty tech death recipe for yourself. You can also visit Excocrine's and Unique Leader Records' Facebook pages as both feature tons of new brutality that's worthy of your time and $. Got some thoughts? We wanna hear 'em! Hit us up in the comments section and let us know what makes a good tech death band/album/song for you. There are no wrong answers, unless the editor disagrees with you. Rage on! JPR

Exocrine - "Backdraft" New Video

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