Full Frontal Friday, Aethereus- "'Absentia'"

The Artisan Era is the hero we need, not the one we deserve.

Greetings, loyal Abyss reader, and thank you for tuning in to another Full-Frontal Friday. In the off chance that you're new here, every Friday we feature a full, official album stream from a band that makes us twerk our respective booties repeatedly and violently. This week's rump shaker is from Tacoma Washington natives Aethereus, who are dropping 'Absentia' today on (you guessed it) The Artisan Era. Before we go any further, can we all stand up and give a round of applause to TAE for being the biggest little metal label in the world right now? I mean, how many CRAZY good albums can one label release in a single year? Inferi's 'Revenant,' Augury's 'Illusive Golden Age,' and Oubliette's 'The Passage,' just to name a few, and the Artisan Era is putting much bigger labels to utter shame in 2018.

Add to their string of hits 'Absentia,' a technical death metal album that is so multi-faceted that, despite more play-throughs than I can count (thanks to an advance copy from Mind Eraser Promotions), I still don't feel that I've adequately experienced everything that this record has to offer. Whereas many tech death bands take the "more is more" approach to song writing, trading hooks and meaningful riffs for a billion notes per measure bludgeoning, Aethereus have taken cues from Spawn of Possession and Gorod to create dense, engaging pieces of music that are no less technical because they're, dare I say it... fun to listen to.

And listen to it you should, as The Artisan Era has made Absentia available to all of our undeserving ears via their YouTube page. Both physical and digital copies of Absentia are available over on Aethereus' Bandcamp page. At $9.99 for a CD without so much as a note of filler on it, this is an unequivocal recommendation to own a physical copy of Absentia. Follow Aethereus on Facebook and for the love of all things Ronnie James Dio, freaking subscribe to The Artisan Era's YouTube page already. It's basically a whole channel of music that doesn't suck and it's free.

They're definitely not the hero we deserve.

Rage on!


Aethereus- "Absentia" Full Album

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