Full Frontal Friday, Alterbeast- "Feast"

Happy Friday, Abyss! Here at MA HQ, we spend most of our week avoiding any real work at the jobs that put roofs over our heads while at the same time searching for official album streams for you to crank all weekend long. We call it Full-Frontal Fridays, and as long as mum's the word to the guy who signs my paycheck, you can always count on a new album being featured every Friday here at Metal Abyss. This week's pick is one more monstrous tech death offering from earlier this year that was among 2018's first exceptional recordings. Sacramento, California-based Alterbeast returned with their sophomore effort, Feast, in February of this year on Unique Leader Records. The album is a remarkable mix of the old-school (Death) and modern, neo-classical inspired extreme metal (Necrophagist). The result is an album that sounds at once familiar and brand new, and it's no wonder that in February people were talking about this being on their top 10 lists for 2018. So our thanks go to Unique Leader Records for streaming Feast in its entirety on YouTube. Both physical and digital copies of the album can be found on Alterbeast's and Unique Leader's Bandcamp pages. Hit us up in the comments and let us know what you think. Got an idea for a Full-Frontal Friday submission? We'd love to hear it. We respond to PMs remarkably fast, often with a bad pun. Lucky you! Rage on! JPR

Alterbeast- "Feast" Full Album

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