Demenseed: Late Night Win

Late Night Greetings, Abyss! Another week exiled to third shifts at the "day job" means doing more than my share of diving down the digital rabbit hole, searching for new and loud things to listen to- and ultimately share with you. Though sometimes those searches are fruitless, and I revert to my go-to, comfort food albums, tonight I hit paydirt with Grenobler, France's Demenseed, and their newly remastered EP 'Granite Forest.' Originally released in 2015 with programmed drums, this new iteration has been remastered and features a real live human being by the name of Thomas Messina keeping time. Though Demenseed calls this an EP, at seven tracks and nearly 50 minutes long, this is an LP by my standards. Regardless, in that time-frame Demenseed have incorporated a pile of killer riffs and grooves into a progressive death metal framework. Blame it on the amount of Pantera that I've been listening to since Vinnie's death, but there's more than a little Abbott brother influence in the head-snapping riffery on the expansive Primal Swamp. While the Shores of Styx calls to mind vintage Cannibal Corpse with its distinctly classic death metal chugging and blast beats, the 17 minute long title track is a fusion of modern progressive and melodic death that transitions so smoothly from one movement to the next that, even after multiple listens, I'm still surprise when it's over. When any song that crosses the ten minute mark feels like it could be longer you know it's been well constructed. While there isn't a track here that doesn't move my head in an agreeable manner, the title track totally steals the show. Speaking of stealing, you can feel like a thief by naming your own price for Demenseed's 'Granite Forest' over on their Bandcamp page. You can also pick up the EP on Soundcloud and keep up with Demenseed on their Facebook page. Be sure to drop us a line here and let us know what you think. And by all means, hit us up with new and tasty metal that we should be listening to. Just don't tell the boss that I'm doing this on my lunch break. Rage on! JPR

Demenseed- "The Shores Of Styx" Video

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