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Greetings, Abyss! Here at MA HQ, we've done a rather poor job of bringing you articles about Arianna Grande, vegan pizzas and slamming, brutal death metal. And while we have no intention of upping content on the first two, it's high time that we gave the broootal Abyss reader something to sink their fangs in to. Once again it's our friends over at Mind Eraser Promotions who hooked us up with an advance copy of 'When Push Comes to Shove,' the forthcoming EP from Swiss Brutal/Slam veterans Carnal Decay. The EP, due out July 20th on Rising Nemesis Records, is the follow-up to Carnal Decay's 2017 release 'You Owe, You Pay,' and is a turn towards groove (albeit still super nasty) for the band. The title track opens on a sludgey, Jeff Hanneman-esque riff that gets eaten alive by Michael Kern's vocal molestations. The instruments bite back as the EP progresses, with alternating plodding and frenetic measures that make this among the more complex brutal/slam recordings I've heard in a while. Is prog./groove slamming death metal an accepted sub-genre? It is now. The band just dropped the official lyric video for the EP's second track, 'Food for Thought,' and it's a Jim Dandy little toe tapper that you can hear for yourself below. Like what you hear? Pre-orders for 'When Push Comes To Shove' are available through both Rising Nemesis Records' Big Cartel page, or via Carnal Decay's Facebook page. Our comment section is always open so if you've got some thoughts on what we should be listening to and reviewing, that's a great place to get our attention. We may or may not do a feature on Meghan Trainor next month if we don't hear from you. Rage on! JPR

Carnal Decay- "Food For Thought" Video

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