New Oubliette Single- "The Raven's Lullaby"

As my fearless leader and mercifully non-demanding editor recently let you all know, his free time and mine has essentially evaporated in recent months. That doesn't mean that we're abandoning ship and it certainly does not mean that we won't still be bringing you as much tasty new underground metal as the two of us possibly can. It just means that those pesky adult responsibilities will sometimes keep us from posting as often as we'd like. So don't take that leap off of your closest suspension bridge just yet, we're still alive and kicking and expect no less from you. In that rapidly evaporating free time, I've been cranking the upcoming sophomore album from Murfreesboro, Tenesse's Oubliette titled 'The Passage,' due out on July 13 on The Artisan Era. The band just dropped "The Raven's Lullaby," the second single from the album, and you can hear it here. Mind Eraser Promotions and The Artisan Era recently sent me a review copy of the album and my full review is coming in the next couple of days, fleeting free time permitting. Oubliette guitarist Mike Low comments on the new record: "After four years since releasing 'Apparitions' and several lineup changes, we are excited to finally unleash our second album, once again through our family in The Artisan Era. 'The Passage' is a story of loss and grief, which comes to a tragic end. We are very proud of how everything turned out and feel like our sound and concept has been captured perfectly on the record." After several play-throughs of The Passage, I have to agree. So sink your ears into The Raven's Lullaby and if you dig what you hear, you can be a wise metal head and pre-order the album. The very wise among you will keep up with Oubliette via their Facebook page and will also harass and annoy us on ours. We're always hungry for Ring Dings and feedback. Rage on! JPR

The Passage releases on July 13th. PRE-ORDER HERE: http://smarturl.it/OUBLIETTE-MERCH http://smarturl.it/OUBLIETTE-PASSAGE

Oubliette- "The Raven's Lullaby"

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