Full Frontal Friday, Inferi- "Revenant"

Happy Full-Frontal Friday, Abyss! That's right, another week down the tubes and that means one thing and one thing only here at Metal abyss HQ: it's time for another official album stream! I'm of the mindset that you simply can not have enough technical death metal in your musical diet. Fortunately, over the past year we've had simply extraordinary releases from Archspire, Alterbeast, Rivers of Nihil, among countless others, so there's literally been no want for genre-expanding, monumentally heavy music. Lucky, lucky us. Add to that list Inferi's Revenant, which dropped in April of this year on The Artisan Era. You'd have heard about this Tennessee based tech death outfit and their fourth LP from me earlier this year had this album, along with who knows how many others, not gotten shoved to the virtual (and bottomless) back burner. Shame on me, as I've now spent quite a bit of time with this album and have enjoyed every bit of it. And thanks to The Artisan era, you can enjoy every bit of it as well on this official album stream. Both digital and physical copies are available, just click the tabs in the YouTube video. Check out Inferi on their Facebook page and see them on tour with Obscura, Beyond Creation, Archspire and Exist later this year. They've got a few dates coming up with Rivers of Nihil as well so pop on over to their Facebook page to see if that bit of craziness is going to be anywhere near you. And as always, hit us up in the comments section and let us know what you think of Revenant, or if you have any suggestions for future FFF submissions. We're all ears (and love handles, if we're honest). Rage on! JPR

Inferi- "Revenant" Full Album

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