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Realm Of Wolves Release 1st EP "Shores Of Nothingness"

There's a friendly competition going on around here at the MA HQ. Always trying to one-up each other, JPR and I are constantly scouring the globe in an exhaustive search for new, underground metal bands. So when JPR found Vvilderness and did a review on it, I felt I should do a write up on a band which features Vvildr, of Vvilderness, called Realm Of Wolves. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Realm Of Wolves has released their first three song EP titled "Shores Of Nothingness", through Casus Belli Musica, who also released Vvilderness' latest "Devour The Sun".

Realm Of Wolves was just formed this year as a collaboration of Vvilderness and Silent Island. The band says "It's the manifestation of our dark side - we intended to make music that is somber and sad but also melodic and beautiful."

You can visit the Realm Of Wolves Bandcamp Page and give the EP a thorough listen in a very short period of time. I enjoyed everything I heard, and now I'm left yearning for much more. Perhaps the somber and sad part of their music is that they didn't release more of it for us to enjoy. You can follow them on Facebook, and in so doing, beg and plead them to release more.

LINEUP: Stvannyr - guitars, songwriting Ghöul - bass, songwriting vvildr - lyrics, vocals, drums, artwork

Notably absent here is a brilliantly crafted review, that is JPR's gig and I fully admit I can't one-up him on that front. But I'm the one that pays his non-existent pay check, so that as to count for something. Am I right?

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