Galactic Pegasus- 'Dysphoria' Is Interstellar Djent

Simon Belmont called and he wants his intro back. A synth straight out of Castlevania's NES heyday greets the listener on 'Beginning of Infinity', the opening track to Galactic Pegasus' 'Dysphoria,' out now via GP's Bandcamp page. What follows is a street fight between blackened screams, death growls, a pounding rhythm section and down-tuned guitars that go djent until you bleed out. Taking the methodical pacing and epic breakdowns of metalcore and melding them with ambient synths, a full spectrum of vocal brutalizations and fantastically deviant, non-linear song structures, Galactic Pegasus have crafted an EP that is as progressive as it is menacingly heavy. At only 7 tracks and less than 20 minutes long, add this recording to the maddeningly long list of EPs that deserve to be expanded into full albums. The almost narrative musical ebb and flow of 'Dysphoria' is accomplished by seamless segues between tracks of mind-expanding fury. Those instrumental synth breaks create an ambient, disquiet contrast to the rage; making each indispensable to the other- and to the overall listening experience. Yeah, you know what's coming next. Pop on over to Galactic Pegasus' Bandcamp page and take 'Dysphoria' for a test drive. If there's a lack of down-tuned, expansive deathcore in your metal diet, Galactic Pegasus has got you covered. Be sure to hit us up in the comments and let us know if we should be featuring more djent-influenced bands here at MA. You won't exactly be twisting my arm. Rage on! JPR

Galactic Pegasus- "The Looking Glass"

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