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Valyria Announce Release Date Of New Album- "Into The Dying Of Time"

Edmonton's Valyria can never be accused of pigeon-holing themselves into one particular genre. Drawing influences from a wide range of sub-genres, to include power metal, progressive, and melodic death, to name a few, means that the listener benefits greatly from not having to suffer through a snore fest.

Valyria have stated that some of their influences include Wintersun, The Faceless, Dragonforce, Blind Guardian, and Omnium Gatherum. The band describes their sound as “dramatic, complex, uplifting, emotional, technical”. After listening to their new single "Steel Inquisition" (which you can listen to below), I'll certainly buy that description. I'll also be buying the new album, "Into The Dying Of TIme", which is set to be released May 18th, 2018.

The band checked in with this update: “We have spent the better part of a year arranging and recording the music and it has been a very long but rewarding process. All four of us combined our influences and styles into something that we are truly proud of. For those about to hear ‘Steel Inquisition’, it is a fast technical melodic death metal track with a strong power metal chorus and an epic conclusion designed to get the crowd moving and start things off with a bang. It is also an updated recording of its 2016 demo version. It features entirely new vocal tracks, slight differences in composition, and a new mix and master. The song is a retelling of Brandon Sanderson’s fantasy novel ‘Mistborn’, with a particular focus on the character Kelsier and his actions in creating a legend to lead a revolution through sacrifice."

Valyria were formed in 2009 as Winter's Legacy and changed to their current incarnation in 2010. They have released one previous album, "Collatus" in 2014. Like their influences, the band covers a wide range of lyrical content such as history, war, literature, and the like.


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