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Alien Weaponry To Release New Album "Tü" Via Napalm Records

The teen trio from Waipu, New Zealand known as Alien Weaponry have signed a deal with Napalm Records and plan to release their new album, 'Tü', June 01st, 2018. They will begin a three-month tour of Europe shortly after the album's release. This tour will include the legendary Wacken Open Air Festival.

Alien Weaponry was formed in 2010 by brothers Henry (drums) and Lewis (guitars/vocals) De Jong. They picked up Ethan Trembath on bass to round out the young thrash loving group. Henry and Lewis were only 10 and 8 years old when forming Alien Weaponry.

The group have been gaining popularity throughout the world since their debut EP "The Zego Sessions". They were even named "one of New Zealand's top 10 hard rock and metal acts" by UK Metal Hammer Mag.

You can watch the official video for the song "Holding My Breath", and pre-order 'Tü' through Napalm Records.


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