Hinayana: "Order Divine"- Starting Off Right

On the first full day of Spring here in south-central Pennsylvania we're dealing with our fourth Nor'easter (read: whole lotta snow) in about a month. What that means is that I needed to find something suitably somber for the mood that this weather always puts me in. A quick spin through the laughably long list of bands that I'm following but have not had time to listen to on Bandcamp yielded 'Order Divine', the debut and brand spankin' new LP from Austin, Texas' Hinayana. As driven as it is melancholic, Order Divine is a 7 song album that is the perfect melodic accompaniment to a day lost to pensive thought. Casey Hurd's static death growl often lingers beneath the guitars; creating a downtrodden, almost hypnotic feel in the album's first single, 'Return to Nothing.' Both 'Arise' and the title track offer enough up-tempo gut punches to more than satisfy the Fallujah and Shylmagoghnar fan in me. Albeit brief, 'Order Divine' is a great listening experience and Hinayana is yet another band that we will be following closely around the Abyss. At one time a one-man-band, Hurd has just expanded Hinayana into a proper four piece with the addition of Erik Shtaygrud on guitar, JD Maniscalco on bass, and Daniel Vieira on drums. Given the strength of these songs, one can only hope that this was done so that the band can take this record on the road. Should we hear about any tour news we'll definitely give you all a heads up. Until then, give 'Order Divine' a listen on Hinayana's Bandcamp page. Be sure to drop us a line in the comments section if you've got more suggestions for albums to chill out to while we're snowed in. Rage on! JPR

Hinayana "Order Divine" official video.


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