New Pig LP

Holy pork chop surprise, Abyss! Raymond G. Watts, AKA Pig, just dropped a total bombshell on his devotees on Wednesday when he announced that his 10th studio album, 'Risen', will be released on June 8th on Metropolis Records. Considering 12 years lapsed between 2004's 'Pigmartyr' and 2016's 'The Gospel', the fact that we're getting another Pig album this soon is a welcome surprise.

For those not familiar, Watts has been recording solo albums and collaboration records (most notably with KMFDM) for 30 years now, crafting twisted industrial metal symphonies that have for reasons unknown, have flown under the radar of most. Want to be in the know? Pop on over to Pig's Facebook page and sample the swine for yourself. There's a teaser video and copious pig puns there to keep you occupied. Rage on! JPR

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