Anything But Bleak- Bleak Flesh- "Overcoming Reality"

Buenos Dias, Abyss!

No one listens to me. Yes, I'm a pseudo-journalist who is actively undermining his own credibility. It's what I do when I'm hungry; and since the snack machine in our non-existent break room only accepts exact change and no one around this dump can break a freaking $20 bill, I'm very much in a self-deprecating mood. I need a Twix and I need it now.

I do, however, listen to others- eventually. Twice in the past week I have had the band Bleak Flesh recommended to me. After the second time I figured it was providence and went to their Bandcamp page. What I found was four guys from Chile who bring as much symphonic influence as they do brutality to progressive, technical death metal. The end result on their most recent EP, 2017's 'Overcoming Reality', are 7 songs that feel positively massive in their scope.

You can view the official lyric video for the title track below.

It is so rare to hear a band that is capable of producing not just melody, but real, organic beauty within the confines of an auditory onslaught. Here, raging screamed vocals are coupled with soaring cleans, frenetic guitars, angelic strings and synth work straight out of symphonic metal to create not just a technically impressive or brutal listening experience, but a genuinely unique one as well; one that will satisfy the tastes of a broad spectrum of metal fans.

So today I really want you to listen to me when I say that you should visit Bleak Flesh's Bandcamp page and give 'Overcoming Reality' a go. I also want you to send me food, preferably something that's sugar based. If you're only capable of one, however, go listen to Bleak Flesh.

Rage on!



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