EP Week Rages On, Sun Speaker- "Arrival"

EP Week rages on (see what I did there? Feel free to hate me) and today I've decided to cheat. Trust me, if you were my diet you'd be used to it. After shining our small but devoted spotlight on new/upcoming EPs from Eartheria, Sciolism, Vaelmyst, Coexistence and Dystopy, I went in search of more short, sweet and to the point recordings for you to sink your ears into. I found several, but we're going to fudge the non-rules here and showcase Sun Speaker's 'Arrival', the only track currently available from their up-coming album Ov Lustra, due out on April 20th on Subliminal Groove records.

I need a grand total of one word to describe this blackened death metal gem of a song: Massive. 'Arrival' sounds as though an evil symphonic cavalry is galloping into war on the plains of a forsaken star, and it makes you want to partake in the carnage.

So if you're willing to forgive the fact that I pooched my own "guidelines" and recommended a track to you from a full-length and not an EP, you'll not regret it.

Rage on!



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