Eartheria Rising

Have you ever dropped the needle on a record or pushed play on your CD player and heard a sound that you instantly, I mean INSTANTLY recognized as something special? I can remember conning my mom into ordering Appetite For Destruction for me from the Columbia House catalog when I was in the 6th grade. Albums with "cuss words" were a massive no-no in casa de JPR so how I got that one passed my mom remains a mystery to this day. Nevermind... Slash's Les Paul was the second vocalist in Gn'R and I spent many, many afternoons in my room absolutely nailing his solos on my air guitar. It was the sound that my ears needed, not the sound they deserved. Fast forward to approximately 8 hours ago when I go surfing for something new to listen to today (and hopefully share with you all). I won't bore you with the half-dozen or so albums that left me uninspired; but I will tell you that roughly 15 seconds into Eartheria's brand new EP Awaken The Sun, I had heard something genuinely worthwhile. Nailing down a sub-genre of metal to classify Pori, Finland's Eartheria to is not easy. Influences abound from the heyday of British & American thrash to modern melodic death metal. What is very easy to say, however, is that the sound they've created is absolutely top-shelf. I'm not one of those audiophiles who can dissect the entire recording process and tell you what a band did right and what they did wrong. I know balance and clarity when I hear them, however, and Awaken The Sun has them in spades. Of particular note here, and perhaps the reason why I thought of chunky little JPR jamming out to Rocket Queen, is how exceptional the guitar tone is here. Clean, full and layered to within a whisper of perfection in the mix, Eartheria have created a massive, heavy sound without launching yet another ICBM in the loudness wars. See Rick Rubin and Terry Date, it CAN be done. Though the band claims to not know exactly how they accomplished this, I'm convinced that their guitars were forged with uranium from Chernobyl's reactor and that their speaker cabinets have been filled with the souls of their enemies. Don't believe me? Grab yourself a set of headphones and have a look/listen to the official video for 'Nihil.' You can also connect with the band via Facebook and their Soundcloud page. Just tell 'em Axl and Slash sent you. Rage on! JPR


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