It's Showtime at the PALO

It's been 5 years since Finnish death metal legends Kalmah gave us "7th Swamphony", their (shockingly) 7th LP of tongue-in-cheek melodic death goodness. Never straying too far from their roots, Kalmah have built a career on speed riffing and a reputation for having more hooks in their songs than your grandfather has in his tackle box. Well, our friends from the swamp are back with 'Evil Kin,' the first single from "Palo", their 8th studio album which is slated for an April 6th release on Spinefarm Records. Have yourself a gander at the lyric video and let us know which Kalmah record is your favorite. What's mine? Thanks for asking! I've been listening to 'They Will Return' recently, but when I've got a real hunkering for power meets death, 'Swampsong' is my go-to. And you thought I was going to ramble on for 5 more paragraphs, offering a complete explication of the band's discography. Shows what you know! Rage on! JPR


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