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It's been almost 5 years since the French Progressive/Melodic death metal quintet Fractal Gates gave us the strikingly dark and elegant 'Beyond the Self,' an album that sees regular rotations at Casa de JPR. To their credit, the band has done a pretty good job over the past several months of updating fans on the status of their next LP via social media. Between photos of the band in studio, the announcement that they signed to Rain Without End Records for not only their new LP, but for a re-release in digipak of 'Beyond The Self,' and actual percentages of completion of the various band member's parts (talk about pressure), Fractal Gates have made the wait just a little more tolerable. And it would seem that the wait is just about over. On Thursday, Fractal Gates announced that their third LP will be titled 'The Light That Shines' and that a release date has been scheduled for mid 2018. The album was recorded at Hybreed Studios in Paris and is slated to feature guest appearances from Jari of Slumber/Enshine as well as Benjamin Ellis from Scar Symmetry. I'm not going to lie, 'Beyond The Self' set the bar high. I'll be anxiously waiting to see whether or not 'The Light That Shines' rises to the occasion. Until then, here's the video for Timeless (featuring Sotiris of Septic Flesh). Rage on! JPR



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