Royal Hunt

Though I'm still getting caught up with many of the year-end albums of 2017, with Archspire's absolutely astounding Relentless Mutation receiving multiple spins per day in the beater mobile, I can't afford to get behind the 8 ball with 2018 releases. One that I'm genuinely excited for is the 14th studio album from Danish power/prog legends, Royal Hunt. Though perhaps a band better known to our head-banging brothers and sisters in Europe and Japan, Royal Hunt is closing in on 30 years of superlative progressive metal, with 'Cast In Stone' set for release on the 21st of next month. Fans of Queensryche, Dream Theater and Freedom Call will no doubt find a band in Royal Hunt that they'll wish they'd known about years ago. Like poetry to the ears of those who want an overly-compressed sound like they want more Selena Gomez in their life, founding member and keyboardist/rhythm guitarist Andre Anderson pointed out on the band's website about Cast in Stone: "...there´re no “loudness wars” in-sight; no brickwall limited, over-compressed, lifeless wall of sound… the album breaths just like a real rock album should.)" Me likey; and I'm willing to bet that if Operation Mindcrime or Metropolis Part II are in your record collection, you're going to likey yourself some Royal Hunt as well. There's no single or album sampler out yet, so I hope this live performance of 'Wasted Time' (No, it's not a Skid Row cover) slakes your thirst until we hear the new material. You can also check out the band's website and pre-order the new album there. Rage on! JPR

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