Free Music... and it's Legal!

In recent weeks I've shared a killer album from Transcending Obscurity Records (Fragarak's A Spectral Oblivion), as well as an unbelievably generous giveaway from the label in which they offered free downloads on ALL of their albums. That's crazy talk right there, and yet it happened. Well, Transcending Obscurity's 2018 sampler is out and you can download it for, you guessed it, absolutely nothing on their Bandcamp page. And at 36 tracks long, that's a whole pile of free death, black, doom and experimental music that you don't have to feel guilty about downloading. The label and their bands get some much-needed exposure, and you get free stuff... it's the often discussed yet rarely realized win-win, and you get to be a part of it. Rage on (on the cheap)! JPR

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