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Red Fang Wine, Is Now A Thing

Get ready for a bitch fest here. Red Fang, the rock/stoner metal band from Portland, announced that they have teamed up with a small winery called Teutonic Wine Company to produce their own wine. The new wine will be called "Red Fang Red", and " is a blend of varieties that have never been done before: Pinot Noir, Tannat and Gewürztraminer."

A wine release party is scheduled at Teutonic Wine Company's HQ on January 13th, 2018.

Drummer John Sherman commented on the collaboration:

“Everyone thinks we’re very much about beer and our videos definitely portray us that way. We do drink beer, but I personally prefer wine and consequently, I’ve always wanted to make a Red Fang wine. To meet winemakers who also dig heavy music was a dream come true. The first time I went to Teutonic’s tasting room, they were playing Saxon on vinyl and I said to myself, ‘these are my people.’”

I'm not quite sure why this sort of thing annoys me so much. It really shouldn't because in the grand scheme of life it's inconsequential, and I believe bands should be able to merchandise how they deem fit. Music is not a get rich ever business for the majority, especially metal. So, if they can find a way to support the cause, then so be it. But this beer/wine/coffee things is really getting played the fuck out. It's not original anymore and I'm amazed they really sell any. Honestly, who is pining away for some Megadeth wine, or Opeth beer? The last thought that ever crossed my mind as a metal head was, "Geez, I wonder when my favorite band is going to make a fucking beverage. That would be awesome!"

Anyway, more power to them, hope the side gig is successful.

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