French Metal and Snack Foods

Bonjour, Abyss! While I know that we here at MA have a passion for and thus focus on black and death metal, there are countless bands and albums of every sub-genre that are worth both your time and money. I look at it as my "job" (I use the word loosely as the boss has yet to pony up even a single pizza flavored Combo) to listen to all things metal and share with you, dear loyal Abyss follower, the stuff that winds my clock. To that end, French symphonic/ethnic metal band Hamka returned last month with 'Multiversal,' their first LP after an eleven year hiatus, and first on Fighter records. For those not familiar, Hamka was formed in 2003 when Elisa C.Martin and Willdric Lievin split from the French symphonic metal band Fairyland. Before we go any further we need to address the fact that no band that rocks as hard as Fairyland has ever chosen a worse name. They get a complete pass, however, as their LP, 'Of Wars in Osyhira,' is the album that will be playing in my medieval iPod should I ever ride into Mordor to fight an army of Orcs. As far as Hamka is concerned, their incorporation of acoustic instruments, hand drums and blues-inspired solos adds a surprisingly organic feel to a genre that often feels other-worldly and (perhaps a little too) polished. Elisa Martin's voice, which is equal parts powerful and accessible, operates not at all in that angelic and ethereal realm where Tarja Turunen resides. The end result is a band that feels and sounds honest, and that really teeters my totter. Give Hamka's first single, World War III,' a shot. Does this tickle your boat or float your fancy or bake your whistle? Which popular idiom should I massacre next? Is there such a thing as too many pizza flavored Combos? What's the over/under on the boss redacting this blog because I can't shut up about my favorite snack food? As always, all of these questions and more can be addressed in the comments section. Rage on, Abyss! JPR

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