Better Late Than Never

Everywhere you turn right now, people are complaining about the weather. Even a brief scroll through your Facesnaptweetfeed will reveal a cornucopia of frozen Jack Torrance memes and hyper-annoying Elsa gifs. My current personal favorite is the morbidly obese man, wearing an American flag thong, playing in a good foot of snow. Thanks for that, social media- at someone else's expense I now feel much better about me. The same thing happens every time someone mentions Charlie Sheen. Now who's winning? But we're not going to talk about the cold or skeevy, washed up actors here today, loyal Abyss follower. Nope, I'd much rather direct your attention to Perth in western Australia, and yet another amazing technical progressive death metal band, The Ritual Aura. Not even a decade old, TRA already have two mind-scrambling dark and complex LPs under their belt: 2015's debut, 'Laniakea;' 2016's incredible follow-up, 'Taetther;' with 'Velothi,' their third full-length in less than four years, due out in 2018 on Lacerated Enemy records. Someone needs to get Lars and Maynard James Keenan on the phone and tell them that THIS is how you release albums. Though the first single, 'Keening III: The Dreamer's End,' was released four months ago, it's simply too good not to pass along. Be sure to drop by The Ritual Aura's bandcamp page where, believe it or not, you can purchase PHYSICAL copies of their first two albums, as well as other merch that has nothing to do with Gene Simmons. Score! Rage on, Abyss! JPR

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