Archspire "Relentless Mutation" Bass Play-through

Good morning, Abyss! I'm going to confess to you on this fine day that I have no musical ability whatsoever. Sure, I can play seven chords on a guitar in any order you like and can (mostly) keep a beat on a drum kit, but a musician I am not. As such I've always had a deep respect for people who, whether gifted at birth or through devotion to practice, can create amazing things through an instrument. So when I come across someone who clearly knows what the heck they're doing, I sit and listen in awe. This was another random pop up in my technical death metal feed on the Tube of You and I have to say, whatever algorithm they're using to send me metal, it's working just fine. Check out Archspire's bassist, Jared Smith, as he puts on an evil, technical clinic while playing 'Relentless Mutation,' the title track off of the band's 2017 LP. If you love it, and I'm willing to bet that you will, check out the album, which is out in both digital and physical form on Season of Mist records. Rage on! JPR


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