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Horrocious Signs With Osmose Productions

Osmose Productions announced today that it has signed black/war metal Horrocious to their label.

Osmose put out a released saying, "Osmose Productions is very proud to ink a deal with the extreme War Death Black metal band from Turkey HORROCIOUS. Already agree with the band [SIC}, the re-issue of "Obscure Dominance of Nothingness" demo under a limited edition 10''ep. HORROCIOUS also prepare their debut album consisting of 8 crushing hymns...more info soon."

Horrocious' bio explains the group. "Inexorable hatred occured with the coming together of Godslaying Hellblast, Sarinvomit and Persecutory members in early 2015. Horrocious started as a two-man black metal band to spread the infernal sounds that symbolizes the destruction of the universe under the infinite chaos and eternal dominance of diabolic nothingness and in this way they recorded a 4-track debut EP “Obscure Dominance Of Nothingness” which was released as limited edition casette in 2015 and CD edition in 2016. Later 3 new members (C.G. on guitars, E.K. on bass, Alexey on drums) added to line-up to record a 8-track debut full-length in the first quarter of 2018."


Tyrannic Profanator – Vocals Godslayer – Guitars Can G. – Guitars Erhan K. – Bass Goatperv – Drums

The video below is the song "Eternal Agonizer", taken from their 2015 Demo.

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