Oversight Corrected... I Hope.

Some of you will recall a recent blog of mine in which I got all stoked for the Sabaton/Kreator co-headline tour. In that piece I mentioned having never heard of the opening band on that tour, Cyhra. Given the fact that they'll be playing with some of the world's biggest and most respected bands in power and thrash metal, respectively, I surmised that they would have little in common with blue eyed soul heroes Hall & Oates. Safe bet, right? Fast forward to a few hours after that blog was posted and Cyhra, the band that your resident skating metal nerd proudly declared to have no knowledge of, checked in and gave a like to the post. A mixture of thoughts and feelings ensued, and they went something like this: "Sweet, someone might have read something that I wrote!" "You know, I did a really rotten job doing research for that blog. It was three bands, two of which I've listened to for years, and I couldn't be bothered to listen to even a single track from the third." "I suck." "What if they really do sound like Hall & Oates?" As my being fired from the Metal Abyss staff for inexcusable incompetence is almost assured now, I thought I'd take this opportunity to let you, the loyal Abyss community, know that I've done my penance on this frigid afternoon and have spent it listening to Cyhra. I began with the intent to do a quick write-up as a thank you to a band that took the time to read one of our blogs. But here I sit, on roughly my fifth consecutive play through of the band's 2017 debut LP, 'Letters To Myself,' and I am here to tell you that I am completely hooked Essentially, Cyhra is a super group, consisting of former members of Amaranthe, In Flames and Luca Turilli's Rhapsody. The resulting sound, with Jake E.'s clean, soaring vocals and Jesper's signature, infectious riffs, calls to mind everyone from In Flames to Skillet to Rhapsody to even a touch of Linkin Park. Want me to pick a favorite song to share? Yeah, that's honestly what I've been struggling with. Nearly every track here feels radio-ready and it would not surprise me in the least if one or more of these songs will be heard on your terrestrial rawk radio in the near future. For today's purposes we'll start with the band's first single, 'Karma.' If you like what you hear there my current favorite track is 'Heartrage.' Hey, it's got the word rage right in the song title, what's not to like? So have I redeemed myself? What's the best accidental metal discovery you've made recently? Should Cyhra be featured on the next episode of Live From Daryl's House? All these questions and more can be addressed in our comments section. May you all have a rage-filled new year! JPR



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