Twice In A Lifetime

Last night something legitimately awesome happened, probably for the last time. Mike Patton, vocal schizophrenic and collaborator with roughly three dozen bands at any given moment, joined the Dillinger Escape Plan on stage at Terminal 5 in NYC and performed 'Malpractice,' one of the heaviest deep tracks on Faith No More's 1992 album, "Angel Dust". Nerdy Patton fans (me) will know that there is no cross-pollination between his various projects so hearing a Tomahawk or Mr. Bungle song at a Faith No More show, or vice versa, does not happen. Super extra very nerdy Faith No More fans (still me) know that the band has never played 'Malpractice' live in its entirety, making ANY live version of this song with Patton at the helm a news worthy event. As these last couple of Dillinger Escape Plan shows are purportedly their last, the likelihood that 'Malpractice' will see the light of day again is not good. When Mike Patton and Dillinger Escape Plan released their ridiculously great 'Irony Is A Dead Scene' EP way back in '02, Patton performed this song on stage with them during the ensuing tour. Sadly, there was no official release of that show and the lone YouTube video that exists is incomplete. This is only the second, (and by all accounts last) time we'll get to hear a proper live version of this song... and this time it's complete. Thank you to the Faith No More Followers page for breaking this story. Rage on! JPR

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