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Letters From The Colony Release Album Trailer

Nuclear Blast Records and new band Letters From The Colony have released an album trailer ahead of their debut release "Vignette". The new new album is due February 16th, 2018.

From Nuclear Blast: http://www.nuclearblast.de/en/label/music/band/news/details/5225264.4884816.letters-from-the-colony-show-first-trailer.html

"After recently revealing their first single off their debut album »Vignette«, scheduled for release on February 16th, Sweden's LETTERS FROM THE COLONY are gathering speed. Today, the progressive extreme metal architects launch the first trailer for their upcoming full length release, and give a bunch of totally valid reasons as to why they are the best thing since sliced bread. Be sure to watch the clip if you want to learn more about the band's multiple talents, such as ironing, cleaning the rehearsal room, obscure light engineering and jamming to Nirvana tunes. Oh, and if you want to be a rockstar, you better wear sunglasses!"

The label says that " LETTERS FROM THE COLONY build upon the intersection between perfection and ordered chaos; the unbridled joy of experimentation and virtuosic instrument mastery and create their new niche compartment of technically challenging extreme metal. They deliver highly complex songs full of unbound aggression and progressive structures in the vein of MESHUGGAH, OPETH or GOJIRA and also do not shy away from playing saxophone with a guitar or sampling the call of a deer into a track!"

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