If It's Free It's For Me!

Good morning, Abyss! Recently I've chronicled the difficulty I have in spending money on anything I don't absolutely need, let alone shelling out cash for totally non-essential things like a new pillow to replace one that's little more than a collection of semi-hard lumps in a bag. I also lauded India's Fragarak and their spectacular new double album "A Spectral Oblivion" which was released earlier this year on Transcending Obscurity records. Thanks in no small part to our article and the sway Metal Abyss holds over the underground metal community, Transcending Obscurity has decided that everyone, including us misery metal heads, should be able to listen to, own and enjoy some proper death metal at no cost to us. For the rest of December, every album available on Transcending Obscurity's bandcamp page is free to download. FREE! As in, the same price that 99% of the world's population thinks they should pay for other people's music anyway. Now go over and visit my new favorite label, Transcending Obscurity,on their bandcamp page and name your price for a whole lot of metallic evilness. Rage on (on the cheap)! JPR

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