Emperium- Makati's Militia

Yet another night spent rabbit trailing my way through YouTube has yielded some heavy and worthwhile finds. I've opted to skip my usual three paragraph, utterly useless intro and get right to the meat and potatoes on this one. Think of my brevity (and this recommendation) as my gift to you. Hailing from Makati City in the Philippines, Emperium is a 4-piece technical death metal band that was born out of Art of War, the metalcore band guitarists Niel Baluca and Chok Verzosa played in while in High school during the mid 2000's. After meeting up again only a few years ago, Niel and Chok added Jorem Ejara on drums, Lario Bonaobra on bass, dropped the metalcore sound for neo-classical influenced technical death and released the demo" Prelude to Agony" earlier this year. Taking inspiration from Yngwie Malmsteen, Obscura and Symphony X, among others, Emperium's EP showcases a young, very talented band that deserves a listen. Guess what? You can do just that over on Emperium's bandcamp page, where they're charging a whopping $3 for Prelude to Agony. That's a steal! You spent more on your last trip through the drive-thru and last I checked, you can't bang your head to a quarter-pounder with cheese. And while you're polishing off that 20 piece of McNuggets yourself, fatty, be sure to check the lyric video for False Atonement, my favorite song from last night's YouTube treasure hunt. Rage On! JPR

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