Amidst The Withering's John Gets Grilled By Metal Abyss

I've been a metal head for a very, very long time. Like many things in life your excitement level for something when you first start out is at max level. The "11" on the volume knob of thrill. But over the years, while you still love it, things just don't excite you the way they once did. So, when I stumbled on to Amidst The Withering I figured I would probably enjoy it but not be overly excited about what I was about to hear. Fucking hell was I wrong.

Amidst The Withering is one of those bands that I can really get behind and get excited about. While we can pin them in to any sub-genre of metal we want, they cover many, and it never gets boring. It doesn't sound like rehashed bullshit I've heard over and over again. They know how to do it and they do it well.

Today we speak to vocalist John Hembree of Amidst The Withering, to learn more about a band that really needs to be thrust into the underground metal limelight.

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