A Marriage Made in Hades

It's been a fruitful 24 hours on YouTube and while this is not brand new music, it's too good not to share. It's not often that bands properly categorize themselves; often they eschew labels that the members (perhaps rightly) feel pigeonhole or over-simplify their sound. Not so with Dutch metal genre-splicers Spartan. The band openly proclaims themselves to be a power/death metal band, and I can do no better job describing their sound. Taking lyrical inspiration from Greek mythology, Spartan employs the power and infectious hooks of power metal bands and melds it with dark, deadly serious screams and growls to create a sound that feels both familiar and brand new at the same time. Spartan's only LP to date, "The Fall of Olympus," was released last year on Into The Limelight records and it is 100% filler-material free. Honestly, you can't go wrong with any track on this album, but have a listen to "The Age of Man" and be sure to let my boss know in the comments that you're tired of me bothering you every five minutes with another video. Eventually he'll get the hint, and I'll get my fat cat golden parachute. Rage on! JPR

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