War Without End

Few bands of any genre have been on a tear quite like Erie, Pennsylvania's War of Ages. Though the Metalcore quintet has only been together since 2002, they've somehow managed to release 8 studio albums during that time. One would assume to be that productive that they must have had a steady line-up during that time. One would be wrong, however as, among other personnel changes, 2017 has seen the band introduce both Andy Cutrell and Kaleb Luebchow on bass and drums, respectively. I first saw WoA back in 2012 when they were opening for Times of Grace and these guys were legitimately on-point live. Their most recent album, 'Alpha,' is out now on Facedown Records and they just dropped their new single, 'Creator,' a few days ago. +/- 20 seconds into the track and the metal influences like Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying are obvious. My (somehow) still-functioning ears picked up a bit of Jamey Jasta's bark in Leroy Hamp's vocals, as well as a hefty dose of Earth Crisis' sound circa their 2000 release 'Slither.' For fans of Metalcore that perhaps prefer a little more core than metal, give War of Ages a shot. As always, feel free to encourage the dude who runs the Abyss to fire me for running this place into the ground. Rage on! JPR


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