Nightwish Announce "Decades" World Tour

Good morning, Abyss. After a fun-filled day at work, during which I had the distinct pleasure of receiving some Specialized High Intensity Training, I'm back to harass and annoy everyone here. Oh, how I wish I were you. Finland's Nightwish celebrated their 20th anniversary this year not with an album- that came two years ago with Endless Forms Most Beautiful- but by announcing a world tour in 2018. I would be remiss if I did not give Rush a nod here as their R40 tour in 2015 took place during their 41st anniversary. Of course the Canadian prog kings would be too nice to call out Nightwish on this, but I will. I'm digressing and losing you... let me regroup. Nightwish plan a tour unlike any they've done before, and us 'Mericans who perpetually gripe that the best bands never tour here can shut our filthy pie holes for once. Beginning in March of next year, Nightwish will play 34 shows in North America. According to the band's website: "The band will have a very special setlist for the tour, featuring rarely heard material from the earlier era, and excitingly for both band and fans, they will revisit the old songs with some new twists. This setlist will be a ‘one-off’ and only performed on this ‘DECADES: WORLD TOUR 2018’ " Yes, Yes and more Yes! This is no quick spin around the block and then back to play to a half-billion people at some Euro metal fest. Nightwish is properly touring the states, with a one-off setlist, and barring a really big asteroid strike (not a little wussy asteroid that only wipes out Australia or something) you can find me at their March 31st show at the Lyric in Baltimore. Rage on (tastefully), Abyss!


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