Raging On A Budget

I am a cheap, cheap man. It goes beyond coupons or insisting that Pretty Wife only buy the store brand mac & cheese. When the local thrift store has half-off Wednesdays, I'm looking for shirts with missing buttons so that I can ask for a 25% discount at the counter. It's how I roll, and how I afford to buy the occasional Dr. Thunder from Wal-Mart. But in addition to being Metal Scrooge, I love new music- and I especially love acquiring new CDs. As someone who can count on one hand the number of albums I've purchased from iTunes or Amazon, having a physical copy of an LP is important to me. This desire to amass a proper collection of metal runs right up against my refusal to take the padlock off of my wallet. So what's a guy to do? As Chief Hopper and Eleven taught us in the past season of Stranger Things, you have to compromise. My solution, and the one that allows me to sleep quite comfortably at night on a decade old pillow that I'm too cheap to replace, is to allow myself one new physical album purchase a month. Not only does this satisfy my tight wad nature, but it means that the "album of the month," if you will, is thoroughly vetted before I click the free shipping button. You can see where this is going, cant you? After scouring YouTube for new releases recently, I came across "Beyond The Over," the new album from Karpathian Relict (formerly Orthodox). After repeated listens, in which I found myself more and more engaged with each sit-through, I knew that I needed to have it. It's technical, it's progressive, it's certifiably death, and it honestly shocked me how well the melodic and (dare I say) jazzy moments are integrated into the heaviness. How new are they? Counting me they have 23 subs on their YouTube channel. 23!!! Below is a link to the lyric video for "The One Who Waits." Give it a listen and if you dig it, give the band a sub on their page (you'll be in pretty excellent company) ;) Rage on! JPR

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