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New Track From Atrocity, "Masters Of Darkness"

German multi-genre metal band Atrocity will be releasing a new EP, "Masters Of Darkness" on December 08th, 2017, via Massacre Records. You can now listen to the title track from the EP below.

The album will feature four new songs, "Masters Of Darkness", "Menschenschlachthaus", "Gates To Oblivion", and "Devil's Covenant".

The band also has a full-length album in the works, slated for a release date some time in 2018. It will be the follow up to 2013's "Okkult", and will be titled, appropriately enough, "Okkult II". This new album will also be released by Massacre Records, where the first album of the trilogy was released via Napalm Records.

Atrocity started way back in 1985 under the monicker, Instigator. They have dabbled in many sub-genres of heavy metal over the years and have released nine full-length albums, as well as numerous singles, EP's, and collaborations.


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