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Anthrax To Re-release Two Albums As One

Anthrax and Nuclear Blast will be re-releasing two Anthrax albums as one on December 22nd, 2017. 2003's "We've Come For You All", and 2004's "The Greater Of Two Evils" will be released in one CD pack, as well as a limited vinyl. Both albums feature John Bush as the singer. I had to look that up because I can never keep track of who is singing for Anthrax at any one particular time.

CD1 - "We've Come For You All"

01. Contact 02. What Doesn't Die 03. Superhero 04. Refuse To Be Denied 05. Safe Home 06. Any Place But Here 07. Nobody Knows Anything 08. Strap It On 09. Black Dahlia 10. Cadillac Rock Box 11. Taking The Music Back 12. Crash 13. Think About An End 14. We've Come For You All 15. Safe Home (Acoustic Version) 16. We're A Happy Family (Acoustic Version)

CD 2 - "The Greater Of Two Evils"

01. Deathrider 02. Metal Thrashing Mad 03. Caught In A Mosh 04. A.I.R. 05. Among The Living 06. Keep It In The Family 07. Indians 08. Madhouse 09. Panic 10. I Am The Law 11. Belly Of The Beast 12. N.F.L. (Nice Fucking Life – Efilgnikcufecin) 13. Be All End All 14. Gung Ho

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